5 Must Visit Budapest Festivals for Foodies & Winos

If you love your food, wine, beer, spirits and pretty much anything the body can consume that tastes good then you will certainly love Hungary and the numerous Budapest Festivals held for foodies.

Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál)

Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál)

There are lots of events in Budapest, particularly when the weather is good during the summer months, designed to give you a flavour of Hungarian cuisine and to quench your thirst with the local tipple.

5 Festivals in Budapest for Foodies & Winos…

Below you will find out pick of the top 5 Must Visit Budapest Festivals for Foodies & Winos which is an informal way of saying for those that love there food and alcohol…

Mangalica Festival

Everyone loves eating pigs, well lets forget that, a lot of people like eating pigs, especially Hungarians and why not when you have an animal as tasty as a Mangalica Pig.

Every year the Mangalica Festival, celebrating the most famous Hungarian pork breed, takes place in Szabadság tér and it is not to be missed. You can even take home your own piglet but don’t expect them to let you on your flight with a pig.

Budapest Wine Festival (Budavári Borfesztivál)

If you love your wine then spending an afternoon and/or evening enjoying the autumnal weather in Budapest Castle with a glass of Hungarian Chardonnay probably sounds idyllic, believe us it is.

Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál)

Nearly 200 types of speciality beer will be on offer making it the perfect tourist attraction for those with a love of beer. Besides the large selection of beers will be plenty for cider drinkers this year with a whole area of the festival dedicated to everyone’s apple based booze. Together with the best Hungarian breweries there will be plenty of International exhibitors with English, Irish, Belgian, Czech and German drinks represented at the festival.

Budapest Pálinka Festival

The Budapest Pálinka Festival takes place between Thursday 16th May and Sunday 19th May in 2013 with 2013 being the year of the sour cherry (following on from plum and apricot in previous years). Pálinkas and other delicacies made of this fine Hungarian fruit will play the starring role.

Once again Erzsébet Square, in the V district of Budapest will play host to 400 spirits, 25 exhibitors and the Pálinka of the Year. Erzsébet Square is located in front of the Kempinski Budapest and the Marriot Budapest.

Vörösmarty Square Christmas Market

Imagine the snow beneath your feet, the smell of freshly roasted hazlenuts mixed with chocolate in the air (thanks to a famous Hungarian dessert), and the gentle sound of harmonic traditional Christmas songs permeating the bustle of one of the best Christmas markets in Europe. OK, right now you are imagining the Vörösmarty Christmas Market.

For more information about must visit events in Budapest see our regularly updated Budapest Guide which also includes recommended restaurants and bars.

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