Aquaworld Budapest

When the weather in Budapest is scorching hot the easiest way to cool down is probably to have an ice cream but other options are to go to one of the Budapest baths or Budapest’s very own water-park, Aquaworld Budapest.

Aquaworld is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Budapest in the summer, especially for those on a family on holidays in Budapest.

In addition to water slides, scuba diving and the opportunity to learn to surf there is a special area for kids, events taking place throughout the summer, late night parties for adults and even a whole area of Aquaworld Budapest dedicated to saunas.

Getting there by Public Transport:

Opening Times:

Ticket Prices:

Entry for children under the age of 3 is free.

  • 2 Hour Tickets (day or evening)
    • Adults: 2690HUF (weekdays) / 2990HUF (weekends)
    • Students: 2150HUF (weekdays) / 2390HUF (weekends)
    • Children (aged 3-14): 1350HUF (weekdays) / 1500HUF (weekends)
  • Full Day Tickets (6am – 10pm)
    • Adults: 4990HUF (weekdays) / 5690HUF (weekends)
    • Students: 3990HUF (weekdays) / 4550HUF (weekends)
    • Children (aged 3-14): 2490HUF (weekdays) / 2840HUF (weekends)
  • Evening Tickets (4.30pm – 10pm)
    • Adults: 2950HUF (weekdays & weekends)
    • Student: 2360HUF (weekdays & weekends)
    • Children (aged 3-14): 1480HUF (weekdays & weekends)

For full pricing details see the official Aquaworld website information page.

For more information about things to do in Budapest including the best tourist attractions see our Budapest Guide which is regularly updated with the latest ideas.

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