Average Temperature in Budapest

The average temperature in Budapest varies significantly throughout the year however the annual mean temperature is generally between 10 and 11 °C.

Although the summer in Hungary is one of the hottest in Europe with temperatures peaking on 20th July 2007 at a scorching 40.7°C (105.3°F), the weather in winter can be very cold with temperatures often not reaching above 1°C or 2°C degrees even in the middle of the day.

Based on the 1971–2000 mean the first two weeks of January are statistically the coldest periods of the year, however in any given year the coldest month can be any of the winter months. Generally the warmest time is between mid-July and mid-August.

Average Temperature in Budapest

Below you will find information about the average temperature and rainfall in Budapest throughout the year.

In the last century the weather in Budapest has generally warmed.

Average Temperature in Budapest
Month Mean Low Mean High MEAN Rainfall
January -0.4°C / 31.3°F 4.8°C / 40.6°F 38.5mm
February 1.5°C / 34.7°F 6.9°C / 44.4°F 36.7mm
March 6.2°C / 43.2°F 10.3°C / 50.5°F 37.4mm
April 11.5°C / 52.7°F 14.9°C / 58.8°F 47.2mm
May 16.5°C / 61.7°F 20.4°C / 68.7°F 64.5mm
June 19.7°C / 67.5°F 22.5°C / 72.5°F 69.8mm
July 21.6°C / 76.3°F 24.9°C / 76.8°F 50.4mm
August 20.9°C / 69.6°F 26.6°C / 79.9°F 49.5mm
September 16.7°C / 62.1°F 20.7°C / 69.6°F 42.7mm
October 11.2°C / 52.2°F 15.9°C / 60.6°F 46.9mm
November 5.5°C / 41.9°F 10.2°C / 50.4°F 59.9mm
December 1.5°C / 34.7°F 5.1°C / 41.2°F 49.3mm

Sources: Average temperatures are provided by the Hungarian Meteorological Society (Országos Meteorológiai Szolgálat).

For more detailed information about the weather in Budapest and the general Budapest climate see our Budapest Guide or the Hungarian Meteorological Society webpage on Temperatures in Budapest.

We have also recently added some photos of the 2013 Budapest Floods to the guide which are quite interesting.

We will soon be adding some information with recommendations of what to pack when travelling to Budapest.

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