Balaton Sound

Balaton Sound has been one of Europe’s largest open air electronic music festivals since 2007 with world-famous DJs from all over the world heading to Hungary making it a ‘must go’ for electronic music fans..

Balaton Sound Festival 2013

Balaton Sound Festival 2013

Balaton Sound takes place in mid July (11th to 14th July in 2013) – when the summer weather in Hungary is at its best – on the southern shore of Lake Balaton, in Zamárdi.

The shores of Zamárdi turns into a huge camp site with entertainment, food and drink on the menu. Balaton Sound is the perfect opportunity to air your party face for a rich, unforgettable experiences to get you through the winter.

”In the nighttime, when the world is at it’s rest , you will find me, in the place I know the best…”

Within the festival grounds alongside music from some of the biggest electronic music artists in the world there are chill-out tents, cocktail bars, pubs and restaurants for festival goers enjoy.

The music is the biggest attraction for most with tecktonik, dubstep, deep house spun by the best electronic DJs of the world each and every year.

David Guetta, Paul Kalkbrenner, Jula Carpenter, Axwell, Karmatronik, Calvin Harris, Dizzie Rascal, Example, Yonderboi, Jamiroquai, Fatboy Slim, Massive Attack, Armin van Buuren, Prodigy have all performed in recent years.

Ticket Prices

Ticket prices tend to change every year but in 2013 Balaton Sound ticket prices were as follows:

  • Daily ticket: 15,000 HUF
  • Weekly (4 days) ticket: 39,000 HUF
  • VIP tickets are also available

Getting There

Zamárdi is about 115km away from Budapest. It is easy to get to the Balaton Sound festival by both train and by car (using the M7 motorway).

Three Reasons to Visit Balaton Sound Festival

  1. The Ultimate Summer Party - Imagine wild summer nights dancing to the best electronic music under the star filled Hungarian skies and you are imagining some of the scenes that make Balaton Sound the ultimate summer event for music aficionados.
  2. Relax by the “Sea of Hungary” - If your idea of a good time is sun, sea and music then Balaton Sound will have it all for you – relaxing under the sun, after a hard night partying, with a swim in the clear, fresh water of Lake Balaton.
  3. Get Away From it All - the motto of the festival is “what happens at Balaton Sound, stays at Balaton Sound” making the festival the perfect event to get away to.

Dancing, shouting,  flying to the moon, don’t have to worry , ’cause I’ll be come back soon…”

Do not miss Balaton Sound in 2014. Start planning your trip to Hungary now with the help of our Budapest guide and come and party by Balaton lake!

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