Basic Hungarian Phrases & Useful Words

If you are visiting a foreign country it is always useful to know some basic words and basic phrases. The Hungarian language is generally considered to be difficult to learn but there are lots of basic Hungarian phrases you can learn very easily that will make your time in Budapest more fulfilling and perhaps even impress some of the locals in Budapest.

Although many Hungarians working in the tourist focused areas of Budapest speak English well, a hello, a please or a thank you in one’s own tongue is always appreciated and if you are planning on visiting more authentic and traditional parts of Budapest you may need some basic Hungarian.

Basic Hungarian Phrases & Useful Hungarian Words

Below you will find a few useful Hungarian phrases to get you started. We will soon be adding some more words and phrases and audio snippets to help you further on your way.

Hungarian English Notes
Hi / Bye Singular
Hi / Bye Plural
Jó napot Good day / Good afternoon Singular
Jó estét
Good evening Singular
Nem értem
I don’t understand -
Beszélsz angolul?
Do you speak English? Polite
Angol vagyok
I am English -
Sorry -
Thank You -
Cheers! / Bless You! -

If you are interested in learning more about the Hungarian language or even starting to learn Hungarian properly then there are lots of excellent Hungarian teachers in Budapest at hand to help you.

One of the best services for learning Hungarian is provided by Fungarian who offer a quick and friendly way to learn Hungarian in Budapest. Fungarian also provide walking tours for tourists which combine a language learning element.

More information about learning Hungarian and the Hungarian language can be found by taking a look at our Budapest Guide.

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