Batthyany Eternal Flame

The Batthyány Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses) located at the junction of Aulich utca and Báthory utca is one of the most significant monuments in Budapest despite its small stature.

Batthyany Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses)

Batthyany Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses)

Built in 1926 in memory of the first Prime Minister of Hungary, Lajos Batthyány, who was executed close to the monument’s current location on the 6th October 1849 when a large military barracks used to occupy the area that is now Szabadság tér.

The idea for a memorial in honour of Lajos Batthyány was first conceived in 1905 but due to the intervention of the first world war the memorial was not constructed until 21 years later.

The monument is a symbol for liberty in Budapest and the area around the eternal flame is frequently used for political demonstration most notably in 1941, 1943 and prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1988.

Nearby Hotels include the Hotel President Budapest and the Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest. A very lovely restaurant and cafe called Szabadság Kávéház és Étterem sits opposite the Batthyany Eternal Flame. It is the perfect stopping point for an ice cream or Hungarian beer when taking a walking tour of Budapest.

Photos of the Batthyany Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses)

Below you will find a selection of photos showing the Batthyany Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses):

Map Showing the Batthyány Eternal Flame

The following map shows the location of the Batthyany Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses) in Budapest:

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Batthyany Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses) 47.506005, 19.051940 Batthyany Eternal Flame (Batthyány-Örökmécses)


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