The Best 5 Budapest Bars Open Late

If you are a bit of a night owl and like to party until the early hours of the next morning then you are only going to be satisfied with 5 of the best bars in Budapest that are open as late as you are still drinking and/or dancing.

Everyone has difference taste and so in an effort to satisfy as many different types we can we have recommended a variety of venues each offering a different experience. We have also given you a bit of an insight in to each of the bars.

Bars in Budapest Open Late

To save the potential of that disappointing feeling at the premature end of a good night out when you are simply and suddenly lost as where to go we have put together the following recommendations for the best bars in Budapest open late…

BoB Budapest

Located close to the Four Seasons Hotel in Budapest, BoB is one of the few bars in the centre of Budapest where the terrace remains open until late. The crowd is typically up-market Hungarian with lots of pretty women and well dressed guys.


Trafiq is a relative newcomer to the Budapest party scene having opened in the summer 2012 however it has lost no time in becoming known as one of the best places to drink some great cocktails with a great crowd of people until the early hours of the morning.

Like BoB, Trafiq is located close to St Stephen’s Basilica and several hotels in the centre of Budapest.


Simplakert is one of the most popular ruin bars in Budapest where people will still be partying long after everyone else has gone to bed. The crowd is generally extremely cosmopolitan, mostly made up of tourists, backpackers and expats.

Morrison’s 2

Morrison’s 2 is a well established ruin bar in Budapest and attracts a mixed crowd of Hungarians and tourists, backpackers and expats thanks to the nightly parties during the summer parties and very cheap drink offers.

There are lots of different rooms offering different experiences in terms of entertainment and music. You can even try your singing voice out with some karaoke if you have drunk enough to dare inflict it on the rest of the world.


Another ruin bar that is extremely popular is Instant thanks to the low priced drinks and late opening times. There are numerous rooms to Instant as well as a courtyard each playing different music at different volumes so whether you want to go mental to some drum and bass or sit on a sofa with a martini and talk about life you will find a space for you.

A Map Showing Late Night Bars in Budapest

The following map shows the location of the five late night bars we have recommended above plus a few others that you may wish to consider visiting during your next trip to Budapest:

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DiVino Wine Bar: 47.500856, 19.053058
Szimpla Kert (Szimpla Bar): 47.497974, 19.062723
Trafiq: 47.501212, 19.052993
Innio Wine Bar: 47.499322, 19.051318
Ötkert: 47.500401, 19.050032
Instant: 47.504577, 19.058765
Morrison\'s 2: 47.511938, 19.051336
BoB Budapest: 47.499665, 19.047561
Doblo Wine Bar: 47.501305, 19.065956
Drop Shop Wine Bar: 47.510822, 19.047052
KIRAKAT: 47.498260, 19.062500
Léhűtő: 47.498875, 19.059894


For more information about recommended bars in Budapest including other bars in Budapest that are open late see our Budapest Guide.

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