Best Bars Near St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest

When the weather in Budapest is at its sunny best the area near St Stephen’s Basilica (Szent István Bazilika) in Budapest is a great place to relax, enjoy some drinks and meet some people so you might be wanting to know about the best bars near St Stephen’s Basilica.

Innio Wine Bar near St Stephen's Basilica

Innio Wine Bar near St Stephen’s Basilica

There are lots of great bars within walking distance of Basilica so if you are sightseeing in the day or looking for somewhere to go in the evening you may well find yourself in one of these drinking spots.

If you are visiting any city it can be a bit hit and miss finding a good bar which is why we have provided the following recommendations for the best bars near to St Stephen’s Basilica.

The following bars are all within a few minutes walk of the church so you won’t have far to go if things get out of hand and you have to repent for your sins!

Innio Wine Bar

Innio Wine Bar is one of the new stylish wine bars that have popped up near St Stephen’s Basilica to cater for the demand of the trendy Budapest set and the upmarket tourists.

Located on the historic Október 6. utca in the V. district of Budapest close to Trafiq, DiVino and Ötkert and a host of upmarket restaurants. You will find that Innio is an excellent bar to visit to sample some of the best Hungarian wines and enjoy the company of a trendy crowd.


Ötkert is situated in the centre of Budapest and boasts an eclectic mix of locals and tourists especially during the busy summer months.

One of the most well known and celebrated bars / clubs in Budapest Ötkert has hosted a variety of parties, international DJs and live music performances with a special pride in providing a proving ground for talentend young artists.


Trafiq is one of the newest and hippest bars in Budapest having been opened in the summer of 2012.

Trafiq is located in the 5th district of Budapest close to St Stephen’s Basilica and is popular with the most stylish party crowds in Budapest.

DIVINo Wine Bar

DiVino is one of the most popular wine bars in Budapest. Located in front of St Stephen’s Basilica it is popular with an upmarket trendy crowd come the early evening.

If you are looking to indulge in one of the many fantastic Hungarian wines then you will be rewarded with a fine selection and friendly, knowledgeable advice.

These are just some of the great bars near St Stephen’s Basilica. If you are visiting Budapest you will find lots more great places particularly if you join us for one of our Budapest bar crawls.

If you are sightseeing near St Stephen’s Basilica you may also be interested in knowing about some of the top restaurants nearby.

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