Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál)

The Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál) kicks off on the Thursday 13th June taking place until Sunday 16th June. It is the third Budapest Beer Festival to be held in the Castle District of Budapest making it the perfect opportunity for sightseeing at the famous Buda Castle whilst sampling some of the World’s best beers.

Nearly 200 types of speciality beer will be on offer making it the perfect tourist attraction for those with a love of beer.

Besides the large selection of beers will be plenty for cider drinkers this year with a whole area of the festival dedicated to everyone’s apple based booze.

Together with the best Hungarian breweries there will be plenty of International exhibitiors with English, Irish, Belgian, Czech and German drinks represented at the festival.

  • Between the 13th and 16th of June Buda Castle will host the third annual Budapest Beer Festival. Visitors can try up to 200 different beers and ciders from Hungary and around the world.
  • Cider has a special emphasis this year with a whole section of the festival.
  • Expect spectacular views of the Buda side, fine beer and typical Hungarian food (think lots of meat) and plenty of seating space.
  • Payment is by contact card purchased with cash inside the festival so bring cash! Drinks average 700HUF for a half litre of beer or cider. You will need to leave a 600HUF deposit for your glass which you can keep as a cheap souvenir.
  • Day tickets cost 2000HUF, which includes the price of the first beer.
  • Live music will be performed on a huge stage every evening of the festival from 7pm. Expect a party atmosphere.

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