Budapest Climate

For many nationalities the weather is a national obsession, not so much for Hungarians, particularly for those in Budapest as the Budapest climate is distinctly separated in to four seasons.

Although climate change has effected the weather throughout the world the weather in Budapest is still fairly predictable for long periods of time not making it the most interesting conversation material.

Budapest Climate by Season

Below you will find a brief description of the seasons in Budapest to give you a better idea of what to expect from the weather when packing for any trip to the city that you are planning.

Budapest Climate in Spring

Spring in Budapest is marked as officially beginning on 1st March. Although the weather can still be mixed until early June spring is generally pleasant and sunny although spring rain showers are frequent and there is always a chance of snow. Temperatures vary from between 5°C / 41°F and 20°C / 68°F during this time.

Budapest Climate in Summer

The best time of year in Budapest is undoubtedly the summer. From mid-June until September the sun shines bright and average temperatures are usually well above 20°C / 68°F and frequently reaching above 30°C / 86°F in the midday heat. Summer thunder storms are quite frequent in the early evening although they rarely last long and the temperature barely drops.

See our Budapest Guide for recommendations of the best ruin bars in Budapest for summer drinks when you need to cool down.

Budapest Climate in Autumn

As summer leaves and before winter starts to take its grip on Budapest there is a very pleasant autumn period. The evenings are still warm and dry and the day time is more pleasant for those that can’t cope with the frequent scorching summer temperatures of July and August. Temperatures drop from about 20°C / 68°F to 5°C / 41°F as autumn disappears in late October. The season is very much like spring in reverse in many senses.

Budapest Climate in Winter

The weather in winter in Budapest is too cold. Winter lasts from late October / early November until the end of February if we are lucky. Temperatures vary from between lows of less than -10°C / 14°F in the middle of the coldest nights to perhaps 5°C / 41°F in the day although the 2012 winter was long and colder than normal with temperatures rarely getting above freezing even in the middle of the day in December and January. Winter in Budapest is also known for frequent snow fall and wrapping up warm is essential.

For more detailed information about the weather in Budapest including photos of the recent spring floods in Budapest and information about the average temperature in Budapest see our Budapest Guide.

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