Budapest Floods 2013 (Photos)

The Budapest floods which took place in 2013, and were widely reported in the news across Europe, resulted in the Danube reaching a record high of 8.85m above its normal water level.

Thankfully the city was largely protected from flooding by the flood defences in place (built to withstand a 9m high water level) and now the weather in Budapest is back to its sunny best.

There was some flooding of the lower roads near the Danube which are close to the Hungarian Parliament with some of the tram lines on those roads flooded. Below you will find some photos showing the Budapest Floods 2013.

Photos of Budapest Floods in 2013

Below you will find a selection of photos of the Budapest floods.

In the background of some of the photos you will be able to see Buda Castle and the Szechenyi Chain Bridge.

All the photos were taken from the Pest side of Budapest between Thursday 6th June 2013 and Monday 10th June 2013. The flood waters peaked on Sunday 9th June 2013.

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