Budapest Food

A big part of life in Budapest is food and local Hungarian specialities are definitely recommended. There is a huge variety of flavours to sample from with Budapest food being renowned for its difference to food in West-European cities.

You may find when you are sightseeing in Budapest food is on on your mind a lot with all the tempting tastes to try.

Budapest Food

Budapest Food

Hungarian Specialities

There are lots of Hungarian specialities which makes recommending a few a difficult task but not an impossible task. These are our favourites:

  • Beef Goulash
  • Foie Gras
  • Chicken Paprika
  • Debreceni Sausages
  • Lángos
  • Poppy Seed Cake
  • Dobos Torta

Top Restaurants in Budapest

Lots of great restaurants offering a huge variety of International cuisines have opened and continue to open in Budapest marking a drastic change from the Soviet era. Whether you are looking for a top Italian or the best beef steak there will be somewhere you will love.

These are three of the top restaurants in Budapest:

Cheap Restaurants, Street Vendors & Fast Food in Budapest

If you want to get a quick, cheap bite to eat you may well opt for fast food. There are lots of types to choose from and you will find even McDonalds and Burger King offer different menus to appeal to Hungarian tastes.

Kebabs are very popular in Budapest too and you will see a lot of Turkish Restaurants. There are also many small pizza shops offer really amazing pizza by the slice for about 300HUF.

There are also buffet or self-service restaurants (önkiszolgáló gyorsétterem) serving Hungarian food which are popular with Hungarians for lunch.

Butchers & Markets in Budapest

For a real taste of Hungary grab a cooked Debreceni sausage from a local butcher (which offer cooked meat in addition to raw meat, often provide seating making them popular with Hungarians at lunch time).

ABCs & Supermarkets in Budapest

Unlike the UK where the big supermarkets have led to the closure of many of the smaller local shops, in Budapest many people do lots of shopping at their local ABC. In terms of food, ABC’s sell a good mix of things from fresh bread and vegetables to cheese, ham and canned goods.

There are laws in place to protect local producers meaning supermarkets must stock at least 70% Hungarian made products.

The main supermarket chains in Budapest are Aldi, CBA, Spar and to some extent Tesco. You won’t find the same variety of meat that you would find in England as many people still shop at butchers and the markets.

For more information about Hungarian food, gastronomy festivals, recommended restaurants and other inspiring things to do and see in Budapest see our regularly updated Budapest Guide.

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