Budapest in Autumn – The Best Time to Visit Budapest?

Budapest in Autumn

Budapest in Autumn

Budapest is a great travel destination at any time of the year but if you are wondering when is the best time to visit Budapest you may consider Autumn as an option.

We think it is certainly one of the top seasons to visit because the weather in Budapest is a little cooler than the summer but there is still plenty of fun in the sun to be had.

There are lots of events in Budapest during the autumn including the Budapest marathon, numerous music festivals and culinary festivals.

In the summertime, Budapest can be quite warm with temperatures topping 40 degrees celsius but in the autumn evenings of September and October you will start to feel things are cooler, and for many, more pleasant.

The mild autumn temperatures are great for sightseeing when you can walk around the city without getting really sweaty and tired in the heat.

The Weather in
Budapest in Autumn

September Weather:
- Average Temperature 17°C (63°F)
- 7 rainy days per month

October Weather:
- Average Temp. 13°C (55°F)
- 8 rainy days per month

November Weather:
- Average Temp. 8°C (46°F)
- 9 rainy days per month

You may want to pack a scarf and a warm jumper to keep you warm and cosy in the evenings although most restaurants and bars have outdoor heaters and blankets provided.

There are many beautiful parks to walk around in Budapest if you are looking for a little romance on your break in Hungary and they are even more spectacular in the autumn thanks to the colorful foliage displays.

Autumn Festivals in Budapest

The autumn season in Budapest brings a lot of great food festivals that celebrate the harvest as mentioned earlier. For example, there is SzeptEmber Feszt, which is a festival of food and entertainment that takes place in the city every summer.

There is also the Budapest International Wine Festival in September as well. Later in the autumn in October, you can take part in the Palinka and Sausage Festival and taste some of the delicious Hungarian meats that the region has to offer.

After that, the city hosts the New Wine and Cheese Festival in November.

A Relaxing Break in Budapest

Another major advantage of visiting Budapest in the autumn is that there will be fewer crowds of tourists.

In the peak season of summer, you might find yourself waiting in long lines or struggling to book a hotel room, but in the shoulder season you will have much more selection and fewer delays.

So why not book a getaway to Budapest this autumn? It’s the ideal time to explore this beautiful and historic Hungarian city.

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