Cheapest European Cities to Visit

Tips for…
Visiting Cheap European Cities

  • Tip One – choose cheap accommodation – like hostels and guest houses – in a central location in the city to reduce the money you spend on travelling around.
  • Tip Two – eat and drink at restaurants and bars away from the main tourist areas to save money. Check the prices of things before you sit down to eat and ensure you understand the exchange rate before making purchasing decisions
  • Tip Three – book your accommodation and flights in advance and avoid your trip clashing with big events in Budapest like Sziget Festival or the Hungarian Grand Prix to save more. Flight comparison website Skyscanner can save you a significant amount on your flights if your travel dates are flexible.

Cheap European Flights

Price of Travel have just released its third annual European Backpacker index which ranks European Cities based on the cost of a stay in them so if you are looking for the  cheapest European cities to visit and you are interested in visiting Budapest then it is time to book your trip to Budapest.

St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest, Hungary

St Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, Hungary

We have been saying for some time that not only does Budapest offer incredible value for money it also does not compromise on the quality of the holiday you will enjoy, in fact you will probably find Budapest one of the best, if not the best, city you have ever visited.

Top 20 Cheapest European Cities to Visit

Well we were correct as Budapest pops up 8th on the league table for the cheapest European cities to visit.

Here is the summary of their findings…

  1. Bucharest, Romania
  2. Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. Krakow, Poland
  4. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  5. Kiev, Ukraine
  6. Riga, Latvia
  7. Belgrade, Serbia
  8. Budapest, Hungary
  9. Warsaw, Poland
  10. Zagreb, Croatia
  11. Bratislava, Slovakia
  12. Prague, Czech Republic
  13. Istanbul, Turkey
  14. Saint Petersburg, Russia
  15. Moscow, Russia
  16. Tenerife, Spain
  17. Tallinn, Estonia
  18. Ibiza, Spain
  19. Lisbon, Portugal
  20. Berlin, Germany

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