Chill Out at Icebar Budapest

Ice Bar Budapest

Ice Bar Budapest

While you’re in Hungary, you can check out the Icebar Budapest – a bar open late in Budapest with a difference in that it is made of ice.

If you are looking for the coolest drink in down, check it out on Vaci Street in the heart of downtown Budapest close to the Budda Bar Hotel in the V district.

When you walk into the bar, you can expect to see a stunning display of creative ice sculptures, all kept in perfect frozen form by the chilly below-zero temperatures. You will also see shots being served in glasses that are actually made of ice! Certainly a different experience for hen parties in Budaest.

If you plan on having an icy cold drink or two at the Icebar in Budapest you don’t even have to make sure that you are dressed warmly.

You will be given a thermal cape and a pair of gloves to wear, more than enough to block out the cold, even if you are not wearing much else because of the hot weather in Budapest in the summer. In winter when it is really cold in Budapest you might find the Icebar is a good place to warm up!

How Is an Ice Bar Possible?

How does it work to have a bar where everything is made of ice? Wouldn’t it melt?
An ice bar has to be kept at a temperature below freezing in order for all of the ice sculptures, walls and seating to stay solid. The length of a visitor’s stay is timed, and even the staff work on time-limited shifts to reduce the risk of frostbite.

In fact, people living in Arctic regions have been using ice as a building material for many thousands of years. They build igloos out of ice blocks and then insulate them with reindeer skins, making abodes that are warm enough to spend the night in.

NB – You should also know that the Icebar experience is limited to a certain number of visitors at one time, so you should plan ahead and make a reservation online before you go.

Image courtesy of Icebar Budapest

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