Currency in Budapest

If you are visiting Budapest or Hungary for that matter you will be interested in the currency in Budapest. The national currency of Hungary is the Hungarian Forint also known as the HUF.

The exchange rate between the Hungarian forint – the currency used in Budapest – and the British pound does vary by quite a margin every day so the number of forints you will get, even throughout the day, using the cash machines will vary.

There are plenty of places to change money in Budapest but the exchange rate from exchange places (particularly around Vaci utca) tends to vary quite dramatically and as you will need your passport to change currency in Budapest you may find it easier to use the cash machines. Expect to pay somewhere between £282 and £303 for 100,000HUF based on currency fluctuations since June 2012.

If you have cash with you that you wish to change you may find the higher-end hotels (four star hotels and five star hotels in Budapest) offer the best exchange rate for your currency and a good service.

It is illegal to change currency in the street in Budapest and could be dangerous so it is best avoided.

Changing Currency in Budapest

The following map shows recommended places to change currency in Budapest.

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