Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet Híd) in Budapest

There is often some confusion with newcomers to Budapest which bridge is which so in the first of our series on the bridges of Budapest below you will find an introduction and some photos to Elisabeth Bridge (or Erzsébet Híd).

Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet Híd) in Budapest

Elisabeth Bridge (Erzsébet Híd) in Budapest


The History of Elisabeth Bridge

Elisabeth Bridge (or Erzsébet Híd) is named after Elisabeth of Bavaria, a popular queen and empress of Austria-Hungary, who was assassinated in 1898. There are numerous monuments to Elisabeth of Bavaria in Budapest including Erzsébet Square (Erzsébet Tér) for example.

The original suspension bridge was built between 1897 and 1903 with its design and location chosen – amid much bribery and corruption – to allow a City Councillor at the time to sell a piece of his land at an inflated price.

The original bridge was destroyed by the retreating Nazi Army at the end of World War II and was not replaced until 1964 when the current Elisabeth Bridge opened.

It took three years to construct. Its design by Pál Sávoly was a first for central Europe at the time using huge slanted cables to support the weight of the bridge as opposed to vertical cables seen on suspension bridges built before that time.

The spectacular lighting see on the bridge today was added in 2009 and was part paid for by Japan as a gift to mark 140 years since the Austro-Hungarian Empire and Japan first established diplomatic ties, and 50 years since the re-establishment of diplomatic ties between Japan and Hungary following World War II.

Today you will not see trams on the bridge as the tram tracks were removed in 1973 because the heavy weight of the tram traffic was damaging the bridge.

Quick Facts About Elisabeth Bridge

We will soon be adding some quick facts about Elisabeth Bridge.

Photos of Elisabeth Bridge

We will soon be adding some photos showing Elisabeth Bridge.

Video of Elisabeth Bridge

We will soon be adding some videos showing Elisabeth Bridge.

See our Budapest Guide for information about the other bridges in Budapest including the Szechenyi Chain Bridge and the Freedom Bridge.

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