Hungarian Beer

If you love your beer then a trip to Hungary is a must for a chance to sample Hungarian beers which are cheap and rival all your favourite international brands.

Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál)

Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál)

Prices for beer in top central London bars can be at up to £8 for a small bottle but you will find Hungarian beer prices much more palatable – even if you go for a drink at one of the best bars in Budapest.

Asking for Hungarian Beer in a Budapest Bar

Hungarian beer is normally served in either a korsó (500ml) or a pohár (330ml). If you would like to order a beer in Hungary you just need to say “Kérek egy korsó sört” or “Kérek egy pohár sört”.

Hungarian Beer Brands

If you have been to Budapest before you will no doubt recognise some of the following Hungarian beer brands which are widely available at bars, restaurants, festivals and sörözős.


Soproni is named after the Hungarian town of Sopron and is probably the most well known Hungarian beer brand. It is very similar to Fosters being quite dry and clean; the perfect Hungarian beer to enjoy when the weather in Budapest is hot and sunny.

Soproni also produce a range of alcohol-free Hungarian beers and ciders.


Dreher is one of the most available beer brands in Budapest bars and shops selling alcohol. It is darker and fruitier than Soproni. Dreher has been brewed in Budapest for 150 years so is truly a local beer.

Arany Ászok

Arany Ászok is produced by the same brewery that produce Dreher but it is totally different in style being a clean, light lager style beer.

The Best Places in Budapest to Try Hungarian Beer

Below you will find our recommendations for the best places in Budapest to try Hungarian beer:

At a Budapest Festival

There are plenty of festivals in Budapest and nearly all of them (including the Budapest Pálinka Festival and the Budapest Wine Festival (Budavári Borfesztivál)) will give you an opportunity to try some Hungarian beer not least the Budapest Beer Festival (Budavári Sörfesztivál).

If you are visiting a music festival in Hungary this year you will certainly find lots of Hungarian beers to tempt you off any wagons.

At a Budapest Sörözős

For an authentic Hungarian beer drinking experience the only answer is to head to a traditional Hungarian sörözős (literally a Beer-ery). You may need to know a small amount of the Hungarian language to order as it is likely that the bar staff may not speak English but it will be interesting.

At a Budapest Ruin Bar

Budapest ruin bars are often the most popular places to visit for tourists to Budapest thanks to their cheap beer prices and friendly cosmopolitan crowds.

Hungarian Beer Prices

Hungarian beer prices will vary depending on where you buy your beer from. Below you will find a rough price guide for Hungarian beer:

  • Hungarian beer prices at a shop: 150HUF – 250HUF (per 500ml can)
  • Hungarian beer prices at a locals bar: 300HUF – 700HUF (per 500ml korsó)
  • Hungarian beer prices at an expensive bar: 700HUF – 1500HUF (per 500ml korsó)

For more information about Hungarian beer, beer festivals, bars and sörözős see our Budapest Guide.

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