Hungarian Food: Traditional Desserts

Hungarian food is well-known for its exquisite and delicious rich pastries and cakes, so during your trip to Budapest make sure that you take the time to enjoy a few different varieties of traditional Hungarian dessert.

Hungarian Food: Traditional Desserts

Hungarian Food: Traditional Desserts

There are many mouthwatering and delectable desserts that you can try in Budapest, including Dobostorta, Roulades and Rákóczi Túrós.

Dobos torta

This rich and indulgent layered cake might be too much for even the most enthusiastic sweet tooth to handle, so enjoy it in small portions so that you don’t find yourself in a sugar coma! It is a thick cake that is stacked with several layers of gooey chocolate butter-cream. On the top of the cake there is a thin and lip-smacking crust of caramel. The cake is named after its creator, the Hungarian confectionery maker Jozsef Dobos.


Roulades are wonderful little sponge cakes that are stuffed full of whipped cream, fruit and jam and rolled up like a jellyroll. They are so simple, but when you bite into one of these little treats you will be amazed by how well the fruit and the cream complement each other. These bundles of goodness are the perfect summer dessert to take with you on a picnic in one of Budapest’s beautiful green parks.

Rákóczi Túrós

A lot of typical Hungarian sweets are prepared with plenty of dairy products and many of them include soft curd cheese, which is known as túró. It is similar to ricotta or cottage cheese, but it has a texture that is all its own. It is crumbly, slightly sour, creamy and absolutely addictive.

The name Rákóczi Túrós translates to “curd cheese square Rakoczi Style” and it is named after Janos Rákósczi who was the Hungarian chef who invented it. This pastry is topped with tasty curd cheese, a delicate lattice of meringue and apricot jam.

Is your mouth watering yet? Start planning your trip to Budapest today so you can sample these delicious treats!

For more information about traditional Hungarian cuisine and the best restaurants in Budapest to try these delights visit our Budapest Guide which is regularly updated.

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