Hungarian Newspapers

There are a variety of Hungarian newspapers, some covering general news and others more specifically covering a variety of specialist subjects including, politics, economics, local news, agriculture and sport.

As in most countries some Hungarian newspapers are published daily others weekly or monthly.

Popular Hungarian Newspapers

Below you will find the most well known and well read Hungarian newspapers and magazines including a brief description of their historical political allegiance, of course, as always it is always better to make up your own mind.


From 2002, Blikk has been the most popular daily newspaper in Hungary. Approximately 163,000 copies are published per day. Blikk tends to to document ‘public life’, which includes politics, celebrities, sport, crimes and others. The newspaper is well known for scandal and could be best described as sensationalist.


Metropol is a well known independent newspaper published daily. It is the second most popular daily newspaper after Blikk although it is a free newspaper. Much like the Metro in the UK Metropol is a newspaper for public transport.

Magyar Nemzet (Hungarian Nation)

Magyar Nemzet is currently the most read politically conservative newspaper in Hungary. It was founded in 1938 by Sándor Pethő. Magyar Nemzet strongly belongs to the right-center Hungarian party, Fidesz as is the popular Hungarian TV-channel HírTV, so it is not known for its impartiality.


This had been the most important political newspaper, however the number of copies has been decreasing year by year. It was founded in 1956, and it was the central paper of the communist Party in Hungary. From 1989, Népszabadság has been still the most popular left-centre paper country-wide, and has strong connections with the post-communist Socialist Party of Hungary (MSZP).

Magyar Hírlap (Hungarian Newspaper)

Magyar Hírlap had been a liberal newspaper until 2006, when Gábor Széles took the control of the leadership. Since then, it has been a right of centre (sometimes right-wing) newspaper with a lower readership than Magyar Nemzet.

Nemzeti Sport (National Sport)

Nemzeti Sport as you can imagine is a a sports newspaper. It is the third most popular paper in Hungary, largely owing to its age and respected quality. During the communist era (between 1945 and 1990) the newspaper was called “Népsport”.


HGV was originally a newspaper, mainly focused on the economy. Today HGS is predominantly focused on political news but still carries a weekly magazine dealing with economic issues. Officially HVG is independent but recently it has become more aligned with the left of centre political parties. The cover of HVG often pokes fun of the current political news in Hungary.

168 Óra (168 Hours)

168 Óra was founded in 1989, as the change of regime occurred, as a left-liberal political magazine focused on Hungary. Prior to becoming a newspaper the publication was presented as an afternoon radio programme on Magyar Rádió.

Heti Válasz (Weekly Answer)

Heti Válasz is perhaps the most influential right of centre political magazine in the country. The publication belongs to the Fidesz party and has received a large amount of financial support to increase its readership selling approximately 30,000 to 35,000 copies per week currently.

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