Hungarian Parliament in Budapest (Parlament)

Perhaps the most iconic building in Budapest, and the largest building in Hungary, the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest (Parlament) is situated on the banks of the Danube on the Pest side of the city across the river from Budapest Castle.

The Parliament building is instantly recognisable as similar to the Houses of Parliament in London which is unsurprising as it was the basis for Imre Steindl’s design.

Parliament in Budapest

Construction started in 1885 and took eight years, the building being completed in 1903.

The building is 268m long and 123m wide at the largest point. The dome is 96m high and covers 18,000 square meters of surface area and 473,000 cubic meters of space.

An incredible 50 five story apartment blocks could fit into the Parliament.

90 statues and the coats-of-arms of various cities and counties adorn the exterior while the interior is decorated with 152 statues and motives of national fauna flourished with 40 kg of virtually pure gold.

The building has 27 gates, 29 interior staircases and 13 lifts (elevators).

The Hungarian Parliament, Budapest

Around 176,000 m3 of earth was moved and 40 million bricks were used in the construction of the Parliament in Budapest. In addition, more than half a million ornamental blocks of limestone were carved for the outside of the building.

The Parliament is currently undergoing extensive renovation work to protect the building from weathering of the limestone blocks which are gradually being replaced (work that started in the 1920s).

As s result of the renovation work access to the building and the immediate vicinity of the building is restricted currently.

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