Hungarian Sausages

Hungary is world-famous for its unique and delicious dishes, food-specialities. Hungarians have always loved the spicy and tasty foods, the sausage is one of these special Hungarian creations.

But what are actually sausages? How are they made? A sausage is food made from ground meat with a skin around it. Sausage making is a traditional food preservation technique in Hungary.

Hungarian Sausages

Hungarian Sausages

Sausages are preserved by smoking, drying, or curing and they are flavoured by salt, pepper, chilli, paprika, garlic, bacon, ground pork, beef, lamb, caraway, nutmeg, zest, marjoram,sugar, white wine or cognac. They can be eaten as part of  breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Types of Hungarian Sausages

Hungarian sausages are called ”kolbász”. Boiled sausages are called ”hurka”. The most famous hugarian sausages are:

  • Gyulai KolbászNamed after the city of Gyula in Hungary.
  • Csabai KolbászNamed after the city of Bekecsaba in Hungary this spicy sausage contains lots of paprika.
  • Debreceni Páros Kolbász (Couple of Debrecen Sausages)Perhaps the most A famous type of Hungarian sausage named after the city of Debrecen and made with pork (and sometimes beef) which has been heavily spiced with paprika, garlic, pepper and marjoram, it is reddish-orange in colour.
  • Házi Kolbász (Homey Sausages)Made with pork shoulder, garlic, salt, pepper, sweet paprika and water, with cloves and lemon zest sometimes added.
  • Téli Szalámi (Winter Salami)A fatty salami with white specks which resemble snow flakes hence the name.
  • Száraz Kolbász (Dry Sausage)
  • Paraszt Kolbász (Peasant Sausages)
  • Májas Hurka (Rice Liver Sausage)The main ingredients of this boiled sausage is liver mixed with rice.
  • Véres Hurka (Blood Sausage)This boiled blood sausage’s ingredients are mixed with rice, or bread spices, pepper, salt and marjoram are then added.

Hungarian cuisine utilises sausages in many different dishes including vegetable stews like “Lecsó” soups, potato casserole like “Rakott Krumpli”, potato stews like “Paprikás Krumpli” (paprika-based stew with spicy sausage and potatoes), bean soups like “Jókai Bableves”, meat stews, goulash soup variations, pastry dishes and salads.

A very good reason to visit Hungary is for a chance to sample Hungarian food making Hungarian sausages a must to try the next time you are in Budapest.

Hungarian Sausage Recipes

Below you will find some links to some of the best Hungarian sausage recipes online:

Photos of Hungarian Sausages

Below you will find a selection of photos of Hungarian sausages, don’t worry that some of them look a little burnt and other look a little over burnt. That is all part of the process!

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