Traditional Hungarian Food – Lángos

If you are visiting Budapest and keen to try some traditional Hungarian food you must add lángos to your list of things to sample. Cheap and tasty lángos is widely available in Budapest throughout the summer and is the perfect accompaniment to an ice cold Hungarian beer.


What is Lángos?

Lángos is a popular Hungarian snack that looks a bit like an unfinished pizza.

The word Lángos comes from the Hungarian word for flame or blaze (láng) as Lángos is traditionally baked over flames in a large brick oven. Lángos is made of salty, bready dough and used to be eaten by workers for breakfast when fresh bread was being baked as it can be cooked much more quickly than traditional Hungarian bread can.

Nowadays, in the absence of wood burning brick ovens it is often deep fried and served topped with anything from sour cream, mashed potatoes, grated cheese, or ham to sausage, garlic, mushrooms, butter, chives or for that matter pretty much anything else tasty that you can imagine.

Lángos is not just popular in Hungary it is also commonly eaten in Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia and Romania amongst other countries, although it goes by different names in different countries.

Where to try Lángos in Budapest?

You will find lángos is nearly always served at outdoor events and festivals in Budapest like the Budapest Beer Festival and it is something you should definitely taste the next time you take a holiday to Budapest!

Photos of Lángos

Below you will find a few photos showing what lángos looks like:

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