Learn Hungarian for Beginners & Intermediates

If you are living in Budapest or visiting for a few days you will find having a grasp of the Hungarian language will give you more confidence and make your time in the city much more enjoyable. This event is for those that want to learn Hungarian.

As many of the expats who attend our Thursday Drinks Meetup are keen to improve their Hungarian language skills we have spoken to the Hungarian Language experts at Fungarian - who provide the quickest and easiest way to learn Hungarian in Budapest – and arranged a special ‘Learn Hungarian for Beginners & Intermediates’ event on Wednesday 17th July 2013 at 7pm at Cafe Zenit.

Learn Hungarian

Learn Hungarian

The meetup will provide you with improved pronunciation of Hungarian letters and words and a better understanding of the Hungarian language in general – all in just an hour and a half (without the slightly daunting experience of a formal language class).

Taking place at the centrally located Cafe Zenit near the Dohány Street Synagogue the Fungarian team are sure to make the event fun and interesting as they always do with their classes.

If you attend you will also receive a super cool notebook, mp3s of basic Hungarian phrases to download to help improve your elocution and the chance to meet some other people keen to learn Hungarian who you can practice with.

The cost of the Meetup is 3000HUF per person (about £8) so great value.

Numbers are limited to ensure everyone gets the chance to have some one-on-one time with the teacher(s) so please do only RSVP if you will definitely be attending.

Remember we are hosting our regular Thursday Drinks Meetup the following day on Thursday 18th July where you will be able to start flexing your new language talents.

For more ideas about things to see and do in Budapest see our regularly updated Budapest Guide.

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