Sightseeing on Budapest Metro Line 3

If you are looking for a fun, cheap and easy way of taking in lots of the sights of Budapest you may consider using the Budapest metro. As the longest of the metro line Budapest’s M3 takes in a number of the sights of Budapest making it an interesting method of exploring the city.

Single metro tickets cost 300HUF each (or you can also buy a book of ten metro tickets for 3000HUF) so it makes sense to buy a Budapest Card if you are planning a Metro Sightseeing Trip.

Once armed with your Budapest Card you will be free to use the Budapest public transport system as much as you choose to whilst the card is valid.

A Sightseeing Tour on Budapest Metro Line 3

The following table lists all the stations on Budapest Metro Line 3 and the best tourist attractions near them.

Station Nearby Tourist & Sightseeing Attractions
Határ út
Pöttyös utca
Ecseri út
  • People’s Park (Népliget)
Nagyvárad tér
  • Hungarian Natural History Museum (Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum)
  • Mester utca
  • Museum of Applied Arts (Iparművészeti Múzeum)
  • Corvin Pláza Shopping Centre
Kálvin tér
  • Hungarian National Museum
Ferenciek tere
Deák Ferenc tér
Arany János utca
Nyugati pályaudvar
  • Nyugati Pályaudvar (Nyugati Railway Station)
  • WestEnd City Centre
Lehel tér
  • Lehel téri piac / Lehel csarnok (Shopping Centre / Market Hall)
Dózsa György út
Árpád híd
Forgách utca
Gyöngyösi utca

Budapest Metro Line 3 Map

The following map shows all the stations on Budapest Metro Line 3:

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Kőbánya-Kispest (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.463402, 19.149185
Határ út (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.465443, 19.126757
Pöttyös utca (Metro Line 3): 47.468815, 19.117077
Ecseri út (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.470695, 19.111120
Népliget (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.475441, 19.098808
Nagyvárad tér (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.478943, 19.089796
Klinikák (Metro Line 3): 47.482834, 19.079176
Corvin-negyed (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.485786, 19.070152
Kálvin tér (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.489693, 19.061707
Ferenciek tere (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.493172, 19.055920
Deák Ferenc tér (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.497089, 19.054096
Arany János utca (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.503063, 19.054531
Nyugati pályaudvar (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.510571, 19.056072
Lehel tér (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.517410, 19.060192
Dózsa György út (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.524323, 19.063595
Árpád híd (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.532719, 19.066755
Forgách utca (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.539383, 19.069597
Gyöngyösi utca (Metro Line 3): 47.548691, 19.073233
Újpest-Városkapu (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.558926, 19.079229
Újpest-Központ (Budapest Metro Line 3): 47.560429, 19.089916

Budapest Metro Line 3 Sightseeing Photos

Below you will find photos of some of the monuments, important buildings and tourist attractions you will see if you go sightseeing on Budapest Metro Line 3:

If you like the idea on using the Metro to get around the city take a look at our recommended sightseeing attractions on Budapest’s Metro Line 1 (M1).

For more information about public transport, sightseeing attractions and things to do in Budapest see our Budapest Guide which is regularly updated.

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