Szabadság tér in Budapest

Szabadság tér (or Liberty Square) is one of the largest, lawned squares in central Budapest (alongside nearby Deák  tér) and home to a number of politically important buildings and historically significant monuments.

Until the late 19th century an army barracks was located where the tér is today afterwhich the area was redeveloped in its current neo-classical style. The army barracks was the final prison of incarcerated former prime minister Lajos Batthyány who was executed nearby.

Szabadság tér is currently home to the American Embassy (Amerikai Nagykövetsége) and the Hungarian National Bank (Magyar Nemzeti Bank). The home of the state run Hungarian Television (Magyar Televízió or MTV) and before that the National Stock Exchange, was also in a building on Szabadság tér until the building was damaged by fire in 2006.

The centrepieces of the tér are the large grass area which is ever popular with dog walkers and a huge soviet monument, known as the Soviet War Memorial, which remains from the Soviet occupation which ended with the collapse of the USSR in 1989.

A cafe / bar is situated in the centre of the tér providing a relaxing spot for a quiet drink during the summer months.

Other notable monuments include the statue of a super-sized Ronald Reagan in mid stride which is set in bronze.

A number of different events are held in Szabadság tér throughout the year including the gastronomic Mangalica festival.

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