10 Things to See in Budapest

There are lots of things to see in Budapest and unless you are planning on moving to Budapest then you will have to pick from the top things to see in Budapest when planning your itinerary.

Whether you are in Budapest for a long-weekend city break or you are on a business trip to Budapest and have just a few hours to spend in the city you will undoubtedly enjoy the sights of this colourful and beautiful city.

Top 10 Things to See in Budapest

To make your life easier and to help you see all the must see things in Budapest we have prepared the following list of top things to see in Budapest.

  1. The Views from Buda Castle - some of the most stunning views of the Budapest bridges, Hungarian Parliament and Pest side of the city can be found from Buda Castle and Gellért Hill.
  2. The Great Market in Budapest – if you would like to see some of the finest produce of Hungary and lots more to interest you then head to Budapest’s bustling Grand Market.
  3. St Stephen’s Basilica - for perhaps the best example of new-classical architecture in Budapest you will want to see St Stephen’s Basilica. The view from the viewing platform below the church’s dome is stunning.
  4. Opera in Budapest - not only will you love seeing an opera in Budapest a trip to the famous Budapest Opera House will give you a chance to see the incredible interior and exterior architecture of the building.
  5. Hungarian National Gallery - if you would like to see the largest collection of Hungarian fine art you will need to head to the Hungarian National Gallery.
  6. Budapest Zoo & Botanical Gardens - for a chance to see animals, flowers and plants including typical Hungarian species on your trip to Budapest head to the Budapest Zoo.
  7. The old Jewish Quarter & the Dohány Street Synagogue - the second biggest synagogue in the world and the blue print for a whole generation of synagogues the Dohány Street Synagogue is of both historical and cultural significance and is well worth seeing alongside the old Jewish quarter of Budapest.
  8. Memento Park – one of the most eye opening sites in Budapest is Memento Park where many of the old Soviet era war memorials have found there new homes. It is a fascinating look in to the past with lots of great photo opportunities event though it is a little way outside the city.
  9. Views of the Danube from the Pest side – the view of the Danube are spectacular especially during the evenings. If you are visiting Budapest a walk along the river front and perhaps even dinner at one of the many restaurants there are well worth
  10. The Hungarian Grand Prix – combining your summer trip to Budapest with a visit to the Hungarian Grand Prix would be an unbelievably great holiday for those that love their visual treats.

For more ideas about things to do and things to see in Budapest see our Budapest Guide which is regularly updated with the latest sightseeing attractions and events in Budapest.

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