Where is Budapest?

If you are wondering where is Budapest then we are delighted that you have decided to find out more about this magical city. We are equally mystified as to why you do not already know where Budapest is but let us not dwell on that.

Budapest is the capital city of Hungary and the largest city in Hungary. It is in fact the largest city in East-Central Europe and the seventh largest in the European Union.

Hungary, as you might of gathered from the last sentence is in East-Central Europe and is bordered by Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.

Budapest is north of the central area of Hungary. The exact coordinates for Budapest are 47°28′19″N, 19°03′01″E.

You will find a map showing exactly where Budapest is below…

Map Showing Where Budapest Is

The following map shows you where Budapest is:

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Budapest Map: 47.497912, 19.040235

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