Why Visit Budapest?

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of a trip to Budapest and you are choosing the destination of your next break you may be thinking ‘why visit Budapest?’.

Of course if you have ever visited Budapest then you will know what an amazing city it is to visit and will no doubt be planning your next holiday to Hungary’s capital city.

There are numerous reasons to visit Budapest and putting them in a short list seems to miss the magic of the city but we will try anyway.

Why Visit Budapest? 10 Top Reasons

If you are trying to make a persuasive argument to encourage someone to join you on your dream trip to Budapest we’ve made life easy with these ten reasons why you should visit Budapest:

  1. The Weather in Summer in BudapestAlthough the weather in Budapest in winter can be cold the summer in Budapest is one of the best in Europe. From mid-June until mid-September the sun is nearly always shining. Don’t worry about getting too hot though as you can always visit Aquaworld, the baths in Budapest or just stop at a bar or restaurant for a cool drink or an ice-cream.
  2. Budapest Sightseeing If you like discovering a new city then you will find that Budapest is a great city for sightseeing. You can take in the numerous sightseeing attractions on a sightseeing tour (either on a bus, bike, Segway or on foot) or find your own way around using our sightseeing map.
  3. Hungarian FoodThe food in Budapest is not to be missed. If you are not familiar with Eastern European food you will find it particularly rewarding as you discover new tastes and flavours. In addition to the many great restaurants there are numerous gastronomy events and lots of ‘street eat’ places to get cheap food from.
  4. Budapest NightlifeThe nightlife in Budapest is World famous. There can’t be many places in the world that offer such a great variety of restaurants, bars and clubs. In the summer the ruin bars are incredibly popular. The women are beautiful, the prices are reasonable and you can party until after dawn.
  5. Learning About the Soviet EraTo some extent we have all been influenced and impacted upon by the Cold War and Soviet era politics but Hungarians more than most. If you would like to learn more about life behind the Iron Curtain then you will find Budapest can offer you an incredible insight. From Memento Park to the Terror House Museum or even from travelling on a Soviet era bus (before they are replaced) all sorts of emotions will resonate with you. A trip to Budapest is of course enjoyable but also thought provoking, inspiring, saddening, enlightening and much more.
  6. Learning Some Basic Hungarian Words & PhrasesIf you have learnt a bit of the French, Spanish, German or Italian in the past you may be interested to learn something completely different and expand your mind. Whether you decide to take a Hungarian class or just pick up some basic Hungarian words and phrases during your visit you will certainly find the experience rewarding.
  7. Day Trips from BudapestWhether you want to take a day trip to Lake Balaton to soak up the sun on the sandy banks of Central Europe’s biggest lake or visit Vienna for the day you will find Budapest makes a great location to base yourself even if you plan to get out of the city during your stay.
  8. Budapest’s Top HotelsSome people may associate Central and Eastern Europe cities with a lack of luxury but although that can be the case in neighbouring countries you will find that the top hotels in Budapest will pamper you senseless. With riverside bars and restaurants, spas, wellness centres and numerous other services and amenities on offer you will be spoiled for choice.
  9. Save MoneyBudapest is significantly cheaper than other European capital cities. The cost of living in Budapest is lower so you will save money when eating out and visiting attractions. You will also find the hotels, even the luxury hotels, offer significantly better value for money than you would find at hotels in London, Paris or Rome.
  10. Budapest Events & FestivalsMost people would have heard about the major music festivals held in Hungary (including Sziget Festival, Volt Festival and Balaton Sound which are all easily reached from Budapest’s city centre) but there are numerous other events and festivals taking place in Budapest to interest you. The Jewish Summer Festival, Budapest Beer & Wine Festivals, Budapest Christmas Markets and the Mangalica Festival are just a few of them.

Hopefully the next time you are asked ‘Why Visit Budapest?’ you will have experienced all of the above but if you haven’t feel free to recommend our website to the person asking.

For more ideas about things to do in Budapest, Budapest accommodation, Budapest nightlife and even photos and videos of Budapest see our Budapest Guide which is regularly updated with the latest information.

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