Ruin Bars Budapest

Tips for…
Visiting Ruin Bars in Budapest

  • Tip One – try the local beers like Dreher and Soproni which are significantly cheaper than beers like Heineken.
  • Tip Two – don’t try and pay a small pub bill with large denomination notes.
  • Tip Three – avoid the touristy areas for much cheaper drinks.

When spending an evening out in Budapest, it’s hard not to end up sipping beer in a so-called “ruin pub”, enjoying its particular atmosphere that makes these quirky-looking pubs so popular among tourists and locals.

The highly creative use of interior space, the exciting installations, the temporary exhibitions, the wide repertoir of great local DJ’s, the reasonable prices and the curiously dim-lit gardens are all components of a typically Budapest ruin pub.

List of Ruin Bars Budapest

Currently there’s nearly 20 of them in the capital and even though they all tend to have some kind of similarity, each and every of them has its very particular charm which will make it easy for you to pick a favourite one. In order to make sure you don’t miss this amazing Hungaricum while in Budapest, check our list of ruin pubs below with central gathering places as well as hidden gems.

Map Showing Budapest Ruin Bars

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Ruin Bars in Budapest: 47.497912, 19.040235

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