Car Rental in Budapest

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Car Rental in Budapest

  • Tip One – if you are used to driving a small car choose a similar rental car in Budapest unless you need lots of space.
  • Tip Two – many car rental cars provide satnavs as an optional extra which may be worthwhile to save getting lost.
  • Tip Three – consider what you will need a car for as public transport in Budapest is very good.

If you are visiting Budapest and are planning on exploring some more of Hungary while you are here, or even if you would like the convenience of a car whilst you are staying in Budapest you may well be considering car rental in Budapest.

There are plenty of companies providing car rental in Budapest so it should be hard to find someone to rent you a car but you will want to get the best service and best deal possible which is why we recommend companies providing car rental in Budapest below…

Budapest Airport Car Hire

There are a number of car rental companies offering car hire from Budapest airport so if you are looking for these companies take a look at our Budapest airport car hire information below.

If you do not want to rent a car in Budapest and you are travelling by plane you will be interested in learning about your options for Budapest airport transfers.

Sixt Rent a Car in Budapest, Hungary

Sixt rent a car, founded in Munich, Germany, is the oldest, most prestigious car rental company in all of Europe – and the world. Renowned internationally for our quality customer care and low rental rates, Sixt has recently opened branches in the United States. Now you can experience the benefits of a great car rental from Sixt both stateside and worldwide.

Family-owned and operated since 1912, Sixt rent a car began business with only three car rentals: two Mercedes and a Luxus-Deutz-Landaulet. Over the years, the Sixt family has turned their small start-up business into an international sensation. We now have 220,000 rental vehicles in 105 countries across the globe.

Sixt Car Rental

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