Tours of Budapest

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Tours of Budapest

  • Tip One – choose a hotel with a location that provides a good base for exploring Budapest using our Budapest hotel map below.
  • Tip Two – at luxury hotels in Budapest expect to pay more for services, factor in these costs if you have a budget.

Tours of Budapest provide an excellent way to quickly get to know the city. If you are visiting Budapest on holiday or for business you will want to take in as many of the sights and sounds of this beautiful place as possible.

One of the best ways to achieve this, with the added bonus of allowing you to get your bearings and identify places you may wish to return to, is by taking a tour.

There are a huge variety of different tours of Budapest available to suit all tastes and budgets including our recommended sightseeing experiences in Budapest.

Budapest Private Tours

Enjoy the personal service with a private Budapest tour.

Budapest Helicopter Tours

See the city from the sky in the most amazing way possible with a Budapest helicopter tour.

Budapest Segway Tours

See the city without wearing out your feet with a super fun Budapest Segway tour.

Budapest Bus Tours

A cheap and quick way to get to know Budapest you may consider a Budapest bus tour.

Budapest Boat Tours

Enjoy the gorgeous summer weather in Budapest on board a boat with a Budapest boat tour.

Budapest Walking Tours

If you enjoy walking then you will love walking around the beautiful, interesting and romantic city on a Budapest walking tour.