Frequently Asked Questions

If you are visiting Budapest for the first time you are more than likely to have a few questions about the city.

Of course there is lots more information about Budapest to be found on our website but to make life easy for you we have taken some of the most frequently asked questions we receive and provided answers to them below.


  • When is the best time of year to visit Budapest?
  • How far is Budapest’s airport from the city centre?
  • How much is the cost of a taxi from Budapest’s airport to the City Centre?
  • Is Budapest hot in summer?
  • Is Budapest cold in winter?
  • What is the weather in Budapest like in winter?
  • How does Budapest compare to London, Paris and Rome?
  • Is Budapest worth visiting?
  • How safe is Budapest?
  • Should I buy a Budapest card?
  • Is Budapest a cheap holiday destination?
  • How much spending money do I need for a weekend in Budapest?
  • Can you use Euros in Budapest?


  • Which are the best city centre hotels in Budapest to stay at?
  • Are the hostels in Budapest safe?
  • Is it better to stay on the Buda or Pest side of Budapest?


  • What are the must see tourist attractions in Budapest?
  • How much does public transport in Budapest cost?


  • What time are the bars in Budapest open until?
  • Is the nightlife in Budapest good?
  • Is Budapest worth visiting for New Year’s Eve?
  • How much do drinks cost in Budapest bars?
  • Which are the best restaurants in Budapest to try Hungarian food at?
  • Are stag parties welcome at Budapest bars and nightclubs?

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