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Learning Hungarian

  • Tip One – get to grips with Hungarian pronunciation before you learn too many words so you are easily understood.
  • Tip Two – speak loudly and clearly, even if you are not understood at least you’ll seem confident.
  • Tip Three – start with basic Hungarian words and phrases, if you are visiting Budapest you can get by with just fifteen essential words and phrases.

Hungarian is considered to be one of the most complicated languages in the world to learn but we aim to make it simple to help you pick up the basics in association with with our new guide to help you learn Hungarian.

Every day we will be bringing you a new Hungarian word or phrase which will build in to a library to give you a good understanding of the language so you can really enjoy your next visit to Budapest by interacting with Hungarians.

If you are visiting Budapest contact us for arrange an introductory Hungarian lesson.

Hungarian Word or Phrase of the Day

Below you will find a list of our Hungarian words or phrase of the day which provide an easy way of learning Hungarian each day.

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Kérek, Saturday 31st of August, 2013

Kérek - The Hungarian word for 'I ask for' or 'I would like'.

Vagyok, Friday 30th of August, 2013

Vagyok - The Hungarian word for 'I am'.

Köszönöm, Thursday 29th of August, 2013

The Hungarian word for 'Thank you'.

Egészségedre, Wednesday 28th of August, 2013

The Hungarian word for 'Cheers' or 'Bless You'.

Bocsánat, Tuesday 27th of August, 2013

Bocsánat - The Hungarian word for 'Sorry'

Szia, Monday 26th of August, 2013

Szia - The Hungarian word for 'Hi' or 'Bye'

Hungarian Vocabulary Lists

We will soon be adding more Hungarian vocabulary lists below including downloadable PDF Hungarian vocabulary lists to make it easy to learn Hungarian.